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I’m a photographer from Germany, I’m a hobby photographer, i take pictures since 2008, with my Nikon D 60. Mainly i capture Landscape, Architecture and sometimes i go in to Porträt Photography. My style is dark, ambient, mysterious and melancholic. Most times my pictures are in B/W.


My name’s Sneha Sinha. I am a 28 year old Indian girl living, breathing, and working in New York city. My tumblr compiles images I’ve taken with my camera as well as my iPhone of various day to day ventures. I enjoy photography but I enjoy aestheticism through words, photography, drawings, and music.  


Wanna learn more about space? Check out this talk from by astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who took to the stage at TEDxParis to talk the International Space Station, inflatable space hotels (no, really), and a manned mission to Mars.

Watch his whole talk here»

Fun fact to hold you over while you queue up the talk: The International Space Station has the same interior volume as two Boeing 747 jets, and can travel the distance between Paris and New York in 12 minutes.

Above: Pesquet at TEDxParis; NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick takes a spacewalk (Photo: NASA); and astronauts at the ISS wave hello to TEDxParis.


My name is Begütay , I am a photographer from istanbul, whose main focus is on the cinema. Actually my passion for cinema led me to photography. I have been taking photos for less than a year.  And my aim is to take photos at which anthropologists of future will want to look. In pursuit of the reality, emotions and interactions of people, evidences of how life goes on in İstanbul especially in Eminönü I wander in streets of historical peninsula of İstanbul.                                                                    

Also when I travel I like to take photos of what I see. Because for me photography is a fast way for painting and to learn how to use brush one should paint everything.                                                                                                             

for contact:                                   







Fully Functional and Driveable Truck Made of Ice

Canadian ice sculpture company called Iceculture took on an incredible challenge recently. The result is pretty much unbelievable.

Canadian Tire, a battery company, wanted to showcase just how well their batteries hold up in the cold. The best way to do that? Build an 11,000+ pound, fully functional and driveable ice truck. Every part of the truck that is not absolutely necessary for driving is made of ice.



(via newsweek)


TEDx + Brooklyn + Instagram = iPhone paradise.

This weekend, 85 intrepid Instagrammers took to the streets of the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn for a guided tour of the history, industry, and architecture of the area — organized by the team of TEDxGowanus.

We’re digging the snapshots that came out of this adventure (and a few others from Brooklyn TEDx’ers) — photos that show off the gritty beauty of one of Brooklyn’s great industrial hubs. 

You can find more photos from the Instameet through the tag #gowanusinspiried.

(Photos: @caabo, @holidayhaus, @plasticdust)


Not Your Texas Style Amradillo

Here’s an Internet bizarrity that you can believe in: the pink fairy armadillo.

by Susan Milius

It’s a real animal, the smallest armadillo species in the world. At about 100 grams, it would fit in your hands. It’s covered with “very fine, silky white hair,” says Mariella Superina of the CONICET research center in Mendoza, Argentina. And its hard outer covering, rich in blood vessels, can blush pink.

Full details of Chlamyphorus truncatus biology, though, might as well be a fairy tale. It’s known only from a dry, sandy swath of Argentina and spends most of its time underground. The pink fairy is so hard to spot that Superina and her colleagues are struggling to determine whether it’s endangered or not. She heads an international group of specialists now trying to assess the risk of extinction for the world’s 21 known armadillo species, plus their close relatives, the sloths and anteaters.

In 10 years of field work, she has never caught sight of the pink species in the wild. She has seen tracks made by digging claws and the diamond-shaped tip of its tail. After several meters, the tracks just stop where, she presumes, the armadillo disappeared underground. Locals, she says, “can track down any animal — except the pink fairy armadillo.”…

(read more: Science News)

photos: Nicholas Smythe/Getty Images; Paul Vogt; M. Superina

(via newsweek)